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Exosome Diagnostics was founded in 2008 by Johan Skog, PhD after a discovery that exosomes carry RNA biomarkers that can be used diagnostically, upon realization that exosomes perform as “super- communicators” between cells in the body. The exosome research field has exploded in the last decade, and Exosome Diagnostics has remained at the forefront of the field, developing the world’s first liquid biopsy tests using exosomes. As leaders in exosomal technology, Exosome Diagnostics retains more than 250 patents (issued or in process).

The Stability of Exosomes Makes for Ideal Research Targets as well as Usage in Guiding Clinical Decisions.

The lipid bilayer surrounding exosomes and microvesicles offers a unique protection to the various analytes inside (RNA, DNA, protein) from an otherwise harsh environment of a biofluid. Unprotected molecules in biofluids will quickly be degraded by enzymes such as proteases and RNases, but when encapsulated within exosomes they are stable for extended periods of time. The Exosome Diagnostics isolation platforms ensure efficient isolation of high quality exosomal analytes without degradation, even from samples stored for as long as 25 years.

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