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Our History

Exosome Diagnostics: Pioneers in Understanding Exosome Biology

The existence of exosomes and other microvesicles has been known for many years. Previously literature described exosomes as primarily containing lipids and proteins. While at Massachusetts General Hospital, Johan Skog, PhD, Exosome Diagnostics’ founding scientist and chief scientific officer, discovered that exosomes contain an abundance of nucleic acids, including DNA and multiple RNA species, which given the appropriate methods, can be harvested with high quality yields and used diagnostically.

Dr. Skog and his team’s original findings conducted in blood exosomes of glioblastoma patients were published in Nature Cell Biology (December 2008). This landmark publication was the first to show that mutations in a tumor could be detected in RNA extracted from microvesicles isolated from a patient’s blood and that this discovery could be used diagnostically.