The ExoDx™ Prostate Test

A standalone, exosome-based prostate cancer test delivering a unique data point to help guide the prostate biopsy decision. The ExoDx Prostate test has been included in the NCCN Guidelines since 2019 for early detection of prostate cancer. The ExoDx Prostate test  is independent of PSA and other standard of care (SOC) information.

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A new standard in prostate risk assessment

Clinical studies demonstrate the ExoDx Prostate test discriminates between high-grade and low-grade prostate cancer and benign disease

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A treasure trove of RNA, DNA and protein

Let us help you solve complex clinical and scientific challenges with liquid biopsy, exosome-based technology that is vastly superior to cfDNA and CTCs

What are Exosomes?

ExoDx™ Prostate Test For U.S. Veterans

The ExoDx Prostate test is now available to U.S. Veterans.  The Veteran population has a two-fold increased risk of prostate cancer incidence compared to the general population but if detected early, prostate cancer is treatable. The ExoDx Prostate Test (EPI) provides actionable information that aids the prostate biopsy decision for men with PSA in the ‘gray zone’ of 2–10 ng/mL and is not dependent on other clinical risk factors. Learn more about the EPI test including a testimonial of how the ExoDx Prostate test helped a 61-year old man facing a prostate biopsy.

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Meet the ExosomeDx Team

The ExoDx Prostate test is a simple urine test that detects three important genomic biomarkers that are markers of high-grade prostate cancer. Using this assessment, the physician can determine whether or not a patient should undergo a diagnostic biopsy.

Gaining access to molecular information from biofluids without needing direct access to the tissue itself will have far-reaching implications in patient management. While our diagnostics are initially focused on cancer, our exosome-based technology platform is potentially applicable to other diseases or medical conditions where molecular testing is beneficial, but where access to tissue is difficult or impossible. 

"To us, it's all about the patients and helping them through the process. This changes everything" - Dr. Johan Skog, Chief Scientific Officer:

Partner with Exosome Diagnostics

Meet Johan and Michael. "With what we know about exosomes, we are the perfect partners for helping pharma partners solve their research problems".

Dr. Johan Skog is the Chief Scientific Officer at ExosomeDx and one of the world’s first scientists to discover exosomes. He immediately saw the opportunity of analyzing the RNA transcriptome profile to stratify patients as to how they respond to treatment. Michael Valentino is Exosome Diagnostic's Scientific Director and knew from a young age he wanted to be part of changing the course of cancer treatment.