Fight Like Cal Ripken, Jr.

We are pleased to join forces with the Iron Man, Cal Ripken, Jr. to increase education and awareness of the ExoDx Prostate test and prostate cancer to encourage men to take charge of their prostate health. The ExoDx Prostate test is a simple, non-invasive urine test that helps a man and his physician determine the risk of high-grade prostate cancer on biopsy. Learn how the ExoDx Prostate Test became amoment of clarity’ in Cal Ripken, Jr.'s journey to beat prostate cancer. Scroll below to watch the video.


About Cal Ripken, Jr.

He is a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and played his entire 21-year Major League career with his hometown Baltimore Orioles. He was a 19-time American League All-Star, a two-time American League Most Valuable Player, and 19-time All-Star. He is one of ten players in history with more than 3,000 hits and 400 home runs and is famously known for breaking legendary Lou Gehrig’s once thought to be unbeatable game streak at 2131 games. Cal Ripken, Jr. went on to play an additional 501 games for a total of 2632 during the course of his career.

Fight like Cal Ripken Jr.

Cal Ripken, Jr. is a prostate cancer survivor. Although he did not present with traditional signs and symptoms, he went to his urologist to be checked out. With a normal but slightly rising PSA level over the course of several years, there was not a clear reason to go to biopsy. However, his physician introduced the ExoDx Prostate Test because he fit the intended use: age 50+ years, PSA level 2-10ng/mL, and considering an initial prostate biopsy.

The EPI test is a simple, non-invasive urine test that helps inform the prostate biopsy decision. A score below the cut-point of 15.6 informs a reduced risk of finding high-grade prostate cancer (defined as ≥ Gleason 7) and a decision can be made to defer a prostate biopsy safely, with a high degree of confidence. A score above the cut-point of 15.6 informs a greater risk of finding high-grade prostate cancer (defined as ≥ Gleason 7) and a decision can be made to proceed to biopsy.

ExoDx Prostate Test

According to Cal Ripken, Jr., “The ExoDx Prostate test was a moment of clarity for me”. Because his EPI score was above the cut-point of 15.6, Cal Ripken, Jr. and his physician decided to immediately go through with the biopsy procedure, right before the Covid-19 pandemic, when elective surgeries were cancelled. Dr. Ron Tutrone of Chesapeake Urology said, “I believe this test might have saved his life”. 

Signed Cal Ripken image saying "Fight prostate cancer like the iron man"

Even the Iron Man was susceptible to prostate cancer…any man can get it

After successfully beating prostate cancer, Cal Ripken, Jr., 61, is now using his unique platform to lead a national effort with Exosome Diagnostics, to build education and awareness of the ExoDx ™ Prostate test and encouraging men to proactively take action and interest on their prostate health. The ExoDx™ Prostate (EPI) test played an important role in the management of Cal Ripken, Jr.'s prostate cancer.

"When I was first diagnosed I had all of the reactions most people had – concern, fear, uncertainty."

"Fortunately, Dr. Tutrone and my medical team was fantastic and because of the ExoDx Prostate Test I had my biopsy and caught my cancer in the very early stages. After recovery, I thought this would be an opportunity to utilize the platform that baseball has provided me to encourage others to take this simple test and work with their doctors to determine the best course of action.”

- Cal Ripken, Jr.


1 IN 9 MEN

One in nine American men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime.


Prostate cancer (PCa) is the second leading cause of cancer death among American men and is the most commonly diagnosed cancer.

~250,000 MEN

The American Cancer Society estimates that 250,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2021.


Currently, nearly 3.6 million American men are living with the disease – only slightly less than the population of Los Angeles.

Doctor holding urine sample for ExoDx test for prostate cancer

The EPI test is a urine-based genomic test that helps inform the prostate biopsy decision. This liquid biopsy test recently received coverage for the VA Healthcare system under the General Services Administration (GSA) award, received a positive coverage decision from Medicare, and is included in the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines for early detection in men for both initial and repeat biopsy.

What is the ExoDx Prostate Test?

The ExoDx Prostate test (EPI) is performed by Exosome Diagnostics in its CLIA, ISO, NY-certified, and CAP-accredited laboratory located in Waltham, Massachusetts. The EPI test is a risk assessment tool that assists physicians and their patients with determining if a prostate biopsy is needed when presented with an ambiguous PSA test result, thereby reducing complications from unnecessary and invasive procedures. ExoDx Prostate is now available with an At-Home Collection kit, enabling patients unable to see a healthcare professional or preferring to collect their sample at-home access to the test.

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