ExoDx™ Prostate Test: At-Home Collection Kit

The ExoDx Prostate is a simple, non-invasive urine test that can discriminate the risk of aggressive  prostate cancer (defined as Gleason Score ≥7). This test is now available as an At-Home Collection Kit that can be initiated by an electronic order signed by the physician and sent directly to the patient’s home for self-collection. Request a meeting with a representative.

About the ExoDx Prostate Test

The ExoDx™ Prostate Test is a simple, non-DRE, urine-based, liquid biopsy test indicated for men 50 years of age and older with a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) 2-10ng/mL, or PSA in the “gray zone” who may be considering a biopsy. The ExoDx Prostate test provides a risk score that determines a patient’s potential risk of clinically significant prostate cancer (Gleason Score ≥7). The test is included in the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines and has been clinically validated at the cut-point of 15.6 with a 91% sensitivity and 92% negative predictive value, meaning there is less than a 9% chance of having aggressive prostate cancer below the validated cut-point of 15.6.

Download the Clinician Brochure

Patient Downloadable Document: Is the ExoDx Prostate Test Right for Me?

Healthcare Providers: How to Order

ExoDx At-Home Collection Kit Benefits

Patients collect a sample in the comfort and convenience of their home and FedEx will pick up the specimen from their home and overnight it directly to the ExosomeDx Laboratory. A result is provided to the ordering physician 3-5 days upon sample receipt. 

Telemedicine visit? The ExoDx Prostate test provides the patient and physician an additional tool in the shared biopsy decision.

Minimize Patients in the Office/Optimize Office Capacity: When office space and patient appointment times are limited, the ExoDx Prostate At-Home Collection Kit provides an actionable result that helps inform both the physician and patient to determine the biopsy decision in a virtual environment.

An ExoDx Prostate Test can improve confidence in the decision to proceed to or defer the prostate biopsy procedure

Download the Clinical Utility Study

Improved In-Office Workflow: In situations where patients have already provided a urine sample during the in-office visit, patients can now use the At-Home Collection kit to collect a sample in the comfort and convenience of their home. This also reduces workload on the medical staff by having sample collection at home. 



For Healthcare Providers Only - How To Order:


  • Results of the ExoDx Test will be sent electronically through a HIPAA- compliant, safe, and secure online portal
  • Results can be expected back in 3-5 days from sample receipt
  • Result interpretation and support is available 5 days a week

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Reimbursement Coverage

We are committed to making this test available for patients, and we want everyone who could benefit from the ExoDx Prostate Test to have the opportunity to receive it. 

The ExoDx Prostate test is covered by Traditional Medicare and several health plans, however there may be out-of-pocket expenses for which the patient is responsible. That’s why we have established our ExoCARES Program that many patients can qualify based on income verification or extenuating circumstances. The ExoDx Prostate Test is also covered under the GSA Award and available to more than 9 million veterans in the United States. 

Below are some helpful links and numbers:

Learn more about the ExoCARES Program and other billing information regarding the ExoDX Test.

For additional assistance, our ExosomeDx Client Services Team is available Monday-Friday to answer questions about individual coverage at 617-588-0500.