ExoDx™ Prostate Test

At-Home Collection Kit Instructions

  • Step-by-step patient instructions

Physicians QuickGuide

  • The ExoDx Prostate Test: QuickGuide

Rejection Guides

  • Reduce rejection rate handout


Validation of Clinical Utility

Clinical Brochure

  • The ExoDx Prostate Test Physicians Brochure

2023 ExoDx Prostate Test Sample Report

  • Sample Test Report

JAMA Oncology Study

  • Jama Study

Clinical Utility Study

  • Clinical utility study of ExoDx Prostate Test

ExoDx Prostate Test Independent Studies

  • Clinical performance of the ExoDx Prostate Test in three independent prospective studies

EuroUro Validation

Prior Negative



ExoCARES Patient Brochure

  • ExoCARES Program Brochure for Patients

Patient Trifold

  • The ExoDx Prostate Test Patient Tri-fold



MRI Complementary Brochure

  • The ExoDx Prostate Test & MRI - A Complementary Approach Brochure

MRI Complementary Flyer

  • The ExoDx Prostate Test and mpMRI Independent but Complementary Flyer

How I use it article

  • Showcase of ExoDx Prostate Test utility in clinical circumstances