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Exosome Diagnostics is a custom solutions provider that offers unique expertise and service when helping to solve complex clinical questions on behalf of our partners.


Our collaborators come to us with specific needs, and we develop scientific strategies that help solve their challenges.  We are pioneers in exosome technology and for the past 12 years we've excelled in the field of liquid biopsies focused on exosome-based RNA, protein and cell free DNA (cfDNA) analysis.

Exosome Team Custom Pharma Services

What are Exosomes?

Exosomes are microvesicles that are actively released by all living cells into all biofluids and contain a patient’s RNA and protein, providing a snapshot of the living process. These characteristics make them very useful for liquid biopsy-based diagnostics, biomarker discovery projects, enabling clinical trials and patient monitoring.

Technically speaking, exosomes are not biomarkers - rather they are microvesicles that are actively released by all living cells into biofluids and are a rich source of biological information – each exosome contains nucleic acids as well as proteins - providing a personalized snapshot of biology.


Thousands of exosomes are produced from each cell - healthy or diseased – and enhancing the ability to detect biomarkers of interest , makes exosomes vastly superior to cfDNA or circulating tumor cells (CTCs). These characteristics make exosomes very useful for liquid biopsy-based diagnostics, biomarker discovery, as well as enable clinical trial and patient monitoring. In addition, our ability to selectively enrich exosomes from specific cell or tissue types and subsequently enhance specific targets is a feature unique to exosomes - impossible using cfDNA or CTCs.


Pharma Services Partnerships

We partner with biopharma to offer custom molecular solutions for their liquid biopsy-based needs including clinical research services and companion diagnostic development.

Exosome Diagnostics:

  • Is the only company that can simultaneously isolate and analyze exoRNA plus cfDNA in a single step providing information on mutation detection and copy number variation - incredibly beneficial for detecting rare mutations

  • Can use ANY biofluid including plasma, serum, urine, cerebrospinal fluid from as little volume as 0.5 mL

  • Can perform solid tissue analysis

  • Can enrich cfDNA and information from exosomal RNA and proteins avoiding the need for FFPE analysis.

  • Can conduct RNA biomarker expression, RNA and DNA-based variant detection, protein detection and analysis as well as biomarker discovery

  • Offers proprietary enrichment kits to isolate exosomal RNA, protein, and/or cfDNA.

  • Provide access to our proprietary cGMP clinical grade exosome isolation kits and analytical platforms (e.g. qPCR, NGS, protein).

  • Provide expertise in trial design, development and validation.


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