Guide to Ordering The ExoDx™ Prostate Test

EMR Integrations now available for The ExoDx Prostate Test!

Full bi-directional integration of the ExoDx Prostate Test with an EMR system can help streamline the process of ordering and receiving test results.

Step 1

Contact Us at 

Step 2

Reach out to your EMR provider to request The ExoDx Prostate Test for your system 

Collection Kit Offerings

urine collection kit with supplies and instrcutions

Our At-Home Collection Kit is delivered directly to a patient’s home, the patient provides a first-catch sample, and it is sent directly back to the CLIA laboratory for testing.

Our In-Office Collection Kits are delivered in bulk sets of 5 ExoDx Prostate Tests, each with a Colli-pee device and additional TRF. Once a sample is collected and packed, it is ready for FedEx.

Important: It is recommended to remove all ice packs upon delivery and place in freezer. Refrigerate sample within 1 hour of collecting, if needed.

Video Resources

In-Office Collection Kit Instructional Video

Watch our YouTube video: How to Collect The ExoDx Prostate Test In a Physician Office

Ver el vídeo en español: Como colectar el ExoDX Exámen de Próstata en el consultorio médico

Additional Resources