A Physician's Guide: How to Order The ExoDx™ Prostate Test

If you are a physician, there are two ways to order the
ExoDx Prostate Test: At-Home Collection or In-Office Collection.

Our At-Home collection kit is delivered directly to a patient’s home, the patient provides a sample, and it is sent directly back to the CLIA laboratory for testing. 

exodx urine collection kit

In-office collection kits are delivered in bulk boxes containing enough materials for five ExoDx Prostate collections. Once a sample is provided for an in-office collection a FedEx pick up is scheduled.

exodx urine collection kits

Order At-Home Collection Kits For The ExoDx Prostate Test

Request the At-Home collection kit to be sent to a patient’s home. A few quick points on the process to ensure success.

  1. Delivered directly to a patient's house
  2. Ensure the patient provides a full sample after at least an hour
  3. Remember to provide the collection date! Attach label to specimen that includes the collection date.
  4. Send back via FedEx - call us for FedEx pickup

Order In-Office Collection Kits for the ExoDx Prostate Test

Request to support in-office collection for patients

1x Order has enough for 5 patient collections and includes:

  1. 5 Collection kits with accompanying styrofoam insulation and ice packs
  2. Recommended to remove ice packs upon delivery and place in freezer
  3. 5 Colli-pee devices to ensure that first collection void is obtained
  4. 5 TRFs if needed for ordering the test
  5. Recommended to refrigerate within 1 hour upon sample collection
reduce rejections

Tips to Reduce Rejections So Patients Get their Result on the First Submission

  • Ensure the sample collection container and associated paperwork are clearly marked with the patient’s full name and date of birth
  • Encourage patients to follow the specimen collection directions to obtain a full 15 mL “first catch” urine sample
  • Store sample immediately in refrigerated conditions until it is packed
  • Instruct patients to immediately notify medical staff if there is blood or other visible contaminants before submission

Download the Guide to Reduce Rejections

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For new healthcare providers:

  • Contact our Client Services Team at (844) 396-7663, Option 3, then Option 2, for your unique site ID.
  • Then populate the Patient's name, address, and DOB - we do the rest!



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