Exosome Diagnostics June 2022 Newsletter


Biomarkers Accurately Inform Treatment Decisions in Localized Prostate Cancer

Dr. Judd Moul, Urology Professor at the Duke Cancer Institute and Duke University Medical, highlighted his clinical experience of the ExoDx Prostate test which was approved for use at his institution in 2018. According to Dr. Moul, the test is recommended to answer specific questions during the physician-doctor counseling. The ExoDx Prostate test has been well validated for prostate cancer risk assessment prior to initial and prior negative biopsy decisions in the intended use population of men age 50+, with a PSA of 2-10ng/mL. 

Dr. Moul highlighted that patient compliance is an issue in men with elevated PSA within his community when faced with a recommendation to proceed to prostate biopsy. With an estimated 25% “no-show” rate in this underserved population, Dr. Moul utilizes liquid biomarkers, such as the ExoDx Prostate test, as a secondary data point to communicate a man’s personal risk to improve compliance to biopsy when needed. 

See the article online or learn more about how the ExoDx Prostate test improved patient compliance in a blinded randomized trial with a control arm. 

Dr. Judd Moul

How the Return of Top Gun Reminds us to Acknowledge our Veterans

After 30 long years, our favorite pilot has returned to the skies; Maverick is back! Tom Cruise’s long-awaited reappearance to the big screen has sparked much excitement amongst Top Gun enthusiasts, movie-goers, and our team here at Exosome alike. This widely acclaimed sequel’s release is well-timed, as we are excited to remind Veteran men and Government Urologists that the ExoDx Prostate test is covered under the General Services Administration (GSA) award contract and is available to the approximate 143 VA Medical centers Nationwide.

Prostate cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in men and is particularly common in the Veteran population at 2x the rate than the general population. There are 16,000 veterans diagnosed with prostate cancer each year, and if caught early, there is an approximate 99% chance of survival. The ExoDx Prostate test is a simple, non-invasive urine test intended for men with a PSA level of 2-10ng/mL and considering an initial or repeat biopsy due to a prior negative biopsy. As many men experience fear and anxiety over the prostate biopsy decision, the ExoDx Prostate test can be an additional data point to better determine if initial or repeat biopsy is warranted.

As proud supporters of numerous organizations that serve Veterans such as Zero – The End of Prostate Cancer, Veterans for Prostate Cancer Awareness, the Society for Government Service Urologists, and the Urological Society for American Veterans, we look forward to continuing to serve the Veteran community. Find more information about Veteran support at Exosome Diagnostics.