How the ExoDx Prostate Test Impacts Urology Practice in a Real-World Clinical Setting

Webinar Jun 10, 2020

Dr. Ronald Tutrone has authored numerous articles in the urology literature. He has been principal investigator in more than 200 clinical research trials, including a recent trial involving the ExoDx Prostate (EPI) test published in the Journal of Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases entitled, Clinical Utility of the exosome based ExoDx™ Prostate (IntelliScore) EPI test in men presenting for initial Biopsy with a PSA 2-10ng/mL.

The study demonstrated that EPI delivered improved patient outcomes over standard of care in a real-world clinical setting that included 72 urologists, 24 sites and more than 1000 patients. The study is the first ever prospective, multi-center, randomized prostate biomarker trial with a blinded control arm conducted in a clinical utility setting. The study was a collaboration between the largest urology practice in Maryland, Chesapeake Urology, and CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield.