Biomarker Discovery

Exosome Diagnostics partners with biopharma companies and Clinical Centers of Excellence to facilitate biomarker discovery programs in support of early discovery, translational, and clinical programs that may have companion diagnostic development needs.

When to Start

Our collaborative  relationships typically begin during the pre-clinical or phase I stages of drug development. However, partnerships can begin at a later point during development if the original biomarker approach requires optimization such as additional data generation and analysis.

Biomarker discovery

Proprietary Platforms used for Biomarker Discovery

Our biomarker discovery capabilities are broad and provide the ability to analyze and quantitatively measure RNAs, cfDNA, and specific cell or tissue types using our proprietary platforms:

  • Exolution RNA: analyze and quantitatively measure small and long RNAs, including non-coding RNA, mRNA, miRNAs, isoforms, and FUSIONS.
  • Exolution Plus: measure cfDNA in addition to exoRNA to further enhance mutation detection.
  • Exosome Diagnostics Depletion or Enrichment (EDDE): our unique platform uses tissue-specific biomarkers to selectively enhance exosome selection. This distinctive capability, combined with our other proprietary exosome isolation platforms, can generate cell-specific assays. See Exosome Enrichment Capabilities.

Exosome Diagnostics proprietary platform

Capability Exolution RNATM Exolution PlusTM EDDETM
Biomarker discovery X X X
RNA analysis (isoforms, fusion, expression, Long RNA) X   X
Mutation detection (cfDNA + ExoRNA)   X  
Protein Detection     X
Tissue of origin/signal enhancement     X
High throughput X X  



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