Sensitivity to RNA/DNA

Mutated copies in early stages of disease are so rare that a typical biofluid sample may not contain any of the mutant copies, which could lead to a misdiagnosis. Since mutant DNA copies are often also transcribed into RNA, combining extraction of both the RNA and the DNA from the same volume of biofluid increases the ability to detect even very low abundance mutations. Exosome Diagnostics has developed technology to allow co-isolation of RNA andDNA through an efficient and reproducible process, suitable for routine clinical laboratory use.

Exosome Sensitivity to DNA/RNA

Biomarker Detection from Various biofluids

Different biofluids e.g. blood, plasma, serum, urine, cerebrospinal fluid or saliva have very different compositions and properties – for examples, plasma has a very high protein content and urine samples have highly variable salt content. Efficiently isolating exosomes from all of these fluids pose unique challenges that need to be addressed. At Exosome Diagnostics we have developed exosome isolation platforms for different types of biofluids in a robust way for clinical biomarker detection.