Entering the Chat Room of Cancer Cells - How They Talk and Why We Should Listen

Webinar Jul 22, 2020

Exosomes are small packages released by cells into the blood circulation and other body fluids such as urine. These exosomes have been known for a long time but were not considered very useful for medicine. During a late night in the laboratory, Dr. Johan Skog found that these exosomes isolated from blood and urine contained RNA from the cancer. RNA is the language of the cells, and exactly the information we needed to improve these patients’ treatment.

These small exosome packages act as communication vehicles between cells, much like todays Twitter messages and by intercepting this communication we can now listen in on the cells language to detect the cancer earlier as well as see how the cancer is changing over time. This enables a new type of personalized medicine where we give the proper treatment to the right patient at the right time, yielding better results and less side-effects.