Simple Non-Invasive Urine Test for Prostate Cancer Risk | Part 3 of 3

Webinar Feb 28, 2022

• How has the pandemic changed how your practice approaches prostate cancer screening?

• With the changing guidelines on PSA screening, how important is PSA in your assessment?

• What benefit is there for having 3 genes analyzed in the ExoDx Prostate Test compared a single gene?

Learning Objectives:

• Review challenges of prostate cancer and importance of early detection

• Discuss benefits and limitations of PSA screening

• Understand how biomarkers can improve decision-making for early detection of prostate cancer in the concierge setting

• Discuss prostate cancer staging and implications for practice


About Phranq D Tamburri, NMD Phranq D Tamburri, NMD is the founder of Prostate Second Opinions (PSO). PSO treats an international patient base after one has received often conflicting advice from their urologist (PSA, biopsy, surgery) and their alternative practitioner (no trust in the PSA, “biopsy is dangerous”, treat with natural medicine) regarding prostate cancer. Dr. Tamburri utilizes highly conventional assessment tools such as advanced PSA kinetic calculations, PSA patterns, molecular testing (i.e. The ExoDx Prostate Test) and prostate ultrasound (TRUSP) with color Doppler to advise patients whether a biopsy is reasonable given an elevated PSA or radiation/surgery is best over less invasive treatments. He also specializes in constructing highly personalized Active Surveillance protocols. Dr. Tamburri is a licensed naturopathic physician residing in Arizona. He has been ‘cross-trained’ in both conventional and naturopathic principles through his professional career. This includes Phase 4 testing for Merck Pharmaceuticals, tissue transplant procurement surgery, served as Chief Resident at his Alma Mater (Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine), rotations with Mayo Clinic urologists, and continues to serve as urology professor at SCNM for the past 21 years. Dr. Tamburri is a regular speaker at physician conferences and is highlighted in the annual ‘Men’s Health’ issue of the prestigious Naturopathic Medicine News & Review (NDNR) regarding the numerous changes in prostate cancer assessment witnessed by the medical system today.

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