Smarter Management of Prostate Cancer: The Five W’s of Utilizing a Liquid Biopsy Approach

Webinar Aug 19, 2020

Join Dr. Kasraeian for this discussion on the “5 W’s” of Liquid Biopsy approaches, including Who, What, Why Where, and When to use liquid biopsy testing to improve management of prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is a leading cause of cancer for men within the United States with estimates in 2020 of more than 191,000 new cases per year, and 30,000 deaths. The current gold standard for prostate cancer diagnosis – needle biopsy – often lacks a true reflection of the molecular profile of the tissue given sampling error and complex tumor heterogeneity. Further, the relative lack of PSA specificity for prostate cancer has led to over-diagnosis of clinically insignificant prostate cancer.

Important diagnostic tools are available today to that provide prognostic information to identify the right patient to undergo biopsy at the right time, while avoid missing high-grade prostate cancers (HGPCa). Liquid biopsy is a non-invasive method that may improve early detection of high-grade prostate cancer and therefore inform patients’ treatment selection. The ExoDx™ Prostate Test, or “EPI” is a validated, non-invasive urine gene expression assay that provides actionable information that aids the prostate biopsy decision for men in the PSA ‘gray zone’ of 2-10ng/mL and is not dependent on clinical factors such as PSA, and other clinical risk factors.

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