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Urology Experts Discuss Use of the ExoDx™ Prostate Test (EPI) in Clinical Practice

Numerous clinical studies with more than 5000 subjects have been published in peer-reviewed journals demonstrating the clinical validation and utility of the ExoDx™ Prostate test. It’s notable how varied the field of urology is and how liquid biomarkers, like EPI, are used in real clinical practice. We were delighted to see the ExoDx™ Prostate Test featured in a peer discussion among urology colleagues, led by Dr. Sanoj Punnen, in June’s edition of Urology Times. He introduced a case to the panel involving a 70-year-old man referred to a urologist by his primary care provider with a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) level of 4.1 ng/mL and a PSA density of 0.07. Dr. Punnen prompted each expert to describe how they would manage this patient.

Initially, panelists sought to address the theoretical patient’s medical history and it was widely agreed upon that another test should be performed. Some participants suggested executing another PSA test to determine a baseline, while others brought up the importance of MRI and liquid biomarkers. Regardless, all urology experts believed more data was necessary before proceeding with a biopsy, an intervention that some patients are reluctant to do. In response, Dr. Frontera replied, “I like to get a PSA-independent test. My first choice is ExoDx EPI…” and followed up to explain that logistically, patients have a hard time with a specific competing biomarker test because, “the patient has to come in for a digital rectal exam.” Dr. Punnen added that “Exosome has a home kit, so I do tend to do that a little bit more…because of the ease of ordering.”

Accessibility and comfortability are of primary importance to urologists and their patient’s care. Oftentimes, patients are required to travel long distances to reach their nearest urologist for screening, sometimes trekking hundreds of miles for an invasive procedure. Needless to say, this journey can be challenging for patients, especially those in rural areas. Dr. Judd W. Moul reinforced this in a video series also produced by Urology Times in late April, stating, “Tests such as exosome [ExoDx] have really been helpful because No. 1, it could be done through mail order, and No. 2, it didn’t require a rectal exam.”

In fact, Jeffrey Schock, DO, FACOS, concluded the Roundtable by addressing this obstacle with, “This patient’s ExosomeDx test result demonstrated a higher risk for clinically significant prostate cancer. And although originally hesitant, the patient consented to a prostate biopsy.” It’s important to note the opinions provided by the urology experts in this discussion were independent and can be read in the 50th Volume, No. 6 of Urology Times.

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Monthly Patient Tip

Urine samples should always be “first catch” when using the ExoDx Prostate At-Home Collection Kit. “First catch” urine means the initial 15 mL of urine from the bladder which can be collected any time of day, though patients should not have urinated within the last hour.

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Hitting Prostate Cancer Out of the Park

Summer is in full swing, and so are the bats in ballparks across the country. As fans of baseball and one of its biggest heroes, Cal Ripken, Jr., we feel it’s necessary to discuss the journey millions of men must embark on to beat prostate cancer. As a survivor himself, Cal has experienced the obstacles victims face firsthand and shares his experience battling cancer to empower other victims to seek options and treatment. Prostate cancer is extremely common, diagnosed in 1 in 9 men at some point in their lifetime and is estimated to be currently present in 3.6 million American men. In this segment, the Hall of Famer describes his own struggle and how the ExoDx Prostate Test (EPI) gave him the “certainty” he needed to proceed with a prostate biopsy. To watch Cal Ripken, Jr. discuss his treatment with his urologist, Dr. Ron Tutrone, click on the video segment below.

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Watch Cal Ripken, Jr. discuss his treatment with his urologist

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